Weather Alert….

UPDATE…. we are closed for this evening.

We will reopen sunday afternoon !


The last two weeks have been wonderful for weather conditions, too good in fact.

I keep telling everyone; “IT *IS* MARCH people, this wont last”… and here it is, the REAL March weather. Today (Saturday the 26th) we are on a rain delay at this hour.

I am keeping an eye on the weather hour by hour, and if it shows signs of clearing, then we will be running tonight. I wont put my horses in danger or risk the health of my drivers however, so if it looks like it’s going to be inclimate all night, we are staying home. Stay tuned to this blog and I will update around 1:00 pm today !

We are under a freeze watch thru sunday morning, cover your plants and such.

We will have the blankets out on the carriages ! (if we run)





We will be running tonight, perhaps against my better judgement (those of you reading this, feel free to bring a small cup of hot coffee for the cold carriage driver) but we will be running !


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When I bought this carriage business just over ten years ago, my family thought I was nuts! Now they know for sure!
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