CLEAN Water For Sale…

Our state legislature recently snuck through a last minute fluoridation act;
This effectively forces those in the water district to consume Fluoride if they make the mistake of drinking or cooking with the tap water. (it’s a heavy metal, it never leaves your system)

If you have the time, and the stomach, go and google fluoridic acid, fluoride, etc…. it’s an industrial waste by-product and has to be handled in about the same manor as nuclear waste.
I have heard that the way you die from exposure is actually worse… but here, have some toothpaste. (read the warning label on your toothpaste lately?)

At any rate, the following is my letter to the editor, and I hope that everyone voices their dissatisfaction with this bill (see article above) with their congressmen and senators, etc.


I have a new slogan for the chamber ; Come To Eureka, just don’t drink the water!

Every week I pick up the paper, I am relieved I live outside the city limits. Not only can I not be forced to run for mayor, but my family cannot be forced to consume China’s industrial waste from my tap water.

I foresee the next hot item at local farmers market being bottled water. Fresh, clean, chemical free *WATER* !
I simply cannot believe that the sheeple have allowed this to happen.

I will be scouring the internet for bulk 5 gallon water jugs, for re-sale to the populous who prefer to NOT ingest industrial waste. I would also suggest that all area eateries CLEARLY POST if their table water/cooking water contains such chemical waste, and offer a certified chemical-free alternative.

I strongly suggest that those who actually want this deadly crap in their bodies, go have a chat with any of the employees or management of the local Carroll Boone Water district facility, and ask them why they refuse to handle that stuff… trust me, Google it, its scary stuff folks. Your pitcher filter will NOT remove this heavy metal from your tap water. You need a very special/expensive filter known as a bone filter, it takes crushed *bone* to filter it out. Think about that.

Water. Coming soon to a farmers market near you.

Tom Tharp
Olden Days Bottled Water Services.
Water, The Way It USED To Be !
Bottled OUTSIDE Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

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