Carroll Electric is NOT a “cooperative”


Carroll Electric is NOT a “cooperative”, but rather does not want your opinion and would prefer you just pay your bill and shut up.

Take a good look at the letter Rob Boaz sent out to the “members” on April 27th, 2011.

He says he wants your feedback, but doesn’t include a mailing address anywhere on the letter for your response to be sent to. Instead, he prefers that you leave your short comment on the back of the YEARLY meeting packet survey, where it is sure to be filed in a round receptacle. Don’t bother calling him, or trying to meet with him in his office, or for that matter, trying to speak at the once-a-year “public” meeting, which of late has been closed to the public. I know *I* have other ways to waste precious time and oxygen.

 If that’s not enough, there is the following quote by Mr. Boaz; “I suspect most members reading this are simply happy the light switch works”… In other words, just be happy you HAVE electricity, sit down and shut up. To quote an old grade school nemesis, if he wants your opinion, he’ll beat it out of you.

He, and his board of directors, apparently think so little of us “members” that they think we are too uneducated or stupid to care, much less DARE to ask what happens to our money when we pay our bill every month. You don’t NEED to know, and we obviously aren’t going to get any say so. They also believe that there are only about two dozen trouble makers who don’t like the way he runs things, those who dare voice their concerns. Well add one more.

 The very next day, I received that sorry excuse for an “Official Ballot” in the mail.

What a joke.

“Ballot”, according to the Wold English Dictionary is “the democratic practice of selecting a representative, a course of action, or deciding some other choice by submitting the options to a vote of all qualified persons “…

There is no “selection” or “course of action”, There is no “choice”, There is no “option to vote” nor are “all qualified persons” allowed to be offered the option of being on the ballot.

I have seen third world countries have “elections” less rigged than this.

You either “vote” for the two people nominated by the nominating committee (see Rob Boaz) or you don’t vote at all. Either way, those two get “elected”. I just love this line; “The election results will be certified by an election committee” (see the nominating committee, see Rob Boaz)   So they are going to “certify” that it doesn’t matter whether or not anyone bothered to check the box next to the only two nominees, because they ran unopposed, just like they do every year. What election? And then they have the nerve to put in bold print; “to be counted in the election, your ballot must reach the C.E. Headquarters in Berryville, by U.S. Mail (don’t bother stopping by, we don’t want to talk to you peons) no later than …”  blah blah blah…

To be counted??? WHY? We don’t have any real choice now do we? If not one single member returned their “ballot” (a horrendous waste of natural resources I might add) the two chosen ones would still get their seats on the board, so whats the point?

 This is not a BALLOT or an ELECTION, it’s a list of demands, and we are not “members”, but hostages, held captive by the current dictatorial regime that currently presides over the Carroll Electric Cooperative.

If Mr. Boaz wanted to make this a real “ballot/election” (lets forget what may or may not be “legal” and lets just for a minute assume what’s RIGHT, shall we?) he and the board would allow for a write-in candidate on that “ballot”, thus giving the people some semblance of an actual CHOICE.

Websters says that a “Cooperative” is a “jointly owned enterprise engaging in the production or distribution of goods or the supplying of services, operated by its members for their mutual benefit, typically organized by consumers or farmers.”

C.E.C.C. is NOT operated by it’s members, period.

Stop calling it a “Co-Op”, it simply is NOT any different than Exxon, Shell, BP, or Conoco-Phillips.  Big Oil, Big Electric, same thing.

Each one dictates to us what their policies, board members, and prices will be. You’d have better luck getting elected to the board of one of the four big oil companies than the board of C.E.C.C.

I’ll close with a question; What are you afraid of Mr. Boaz? Losing your incredibly fat paycheck or losing control of your regime ?

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