Remember those families in Joplin , Mo.

As we each go about our daily grind, please remember those families who lost loved ones in the tornado outbreak yesterday in Joplin Missouri.

So far, 89 folks have lost their lives when an F-4 seemingly dropped from the sky with little to no warning, devastating a major part of the town, including one of the three hospitals, the high school, a fire department, walmart and a home depot just to name a few.

My nephew and his wife and kids barely escaped with their house intact, they were a few streets away from the destruction and I am sure will have a story to tell when they come back to Arkansas.

My sister-in-law works for one of the sister hospitals here in Carroll County that is owned by the chain that owns the one in Joplin that was destroyed. She is there now on the ground volunteering her nursing skills.

Many of these people lost EVERYTHING they had, if not their very lives. Many are still MISSING.

Some lost their vehicles, some lost their workplace, but many cannot find anything but splintered remains of their homes, strewn threw miles of debris.

Keep them in your thoughts and prayers, donate to the RED CROSS, if you have time, contact the emergency services up there and offer help where it’s needed, but for the sake of those trying to recover, PLEASE dont drive up there to take pictures and gawk at those who have lost everything. Dont be under foot for those trying to do rescue work.



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