Winter update 2011-2012

Greetings friends and fellow small business owners !

Its that time again, time to evaluate the current state of the economy, both locally and nationally, and in so doing, we have seen locally a slightly marginal increase (dare I say it) overall for the year. Its not much, in fact barely negligible, but enough to give us a small glimmer of hope !

Our hope is that if we keep giving our guests (all of them, even the ones we may not enjoy as much as the others) something they will enjoy, whether that be the comfort of something they “always” do or the enticement of trying something “new”, they will go home happy, and tell ten of their friends, and just maybe, five of those friends will become new guests of ours.

Starting immediately, we are introducing something new, more of a throwback of sorts; we are now offering something of a “teaser” for the crowd that cant afford a $40 carriage tour, or may have children who cant sit still for 45 minutes. (those of you with children are nodding right now I am sure)

Brand New 15 minute “RIDES” are now available from any of our locations, based on availability.

The cost is $20 per couple (kids ride free as always, unless they are old enough to make their own income, then they pay like everyone else) and the “RIDE” lasts about 15 minutes. We call it a “RIDE” because guests simply will not be able to see or hear much history in just 15 minutes. We will give them what we can of course, but the premise here is to introduce a whole new market segment to what it is we do. We are NOT creating or offering a taxi service, just a “teaser” ride from point A back to point A. These “rides” will only be offered on a walk-up basis, no one will be allowed to reserve a specific time for a 15 minute ride. If they require a specific reserved time, it’s $40. If we have a carriage that has nothing to do, and someone wants just the simple $20/15 minute “RIDE”, we will gladly take them “around the block” as it were.

We FINALLY have a brand new horse to replace Goose, his name is Blondie, and he is our first Belgian Draft Horse in about a decade. He is about 10 years old and seems to have great people skills.

We hope to have him on the road and up on the historic loop by the first of November!

I want to thank you all again for all your support through this difficult year. Between the rainy days and the sweltering heat, we weren’t able to operate as many days as we would’ve liked to, but the safety and well being of our horses is our first priority.

We will be having our FIFTH ANNUAL Children’s Charity Carriage rides this year, on October the 29th (the Saturday of Halloween) from 5pm till 10 pm !

We will be giving free short rides from the loading zone in front of Judge Roy Beans to DeVitos and back. Representatives from the Arkansas Childrens Hospital will be on hand to accept donations. We recommend a minimum $20 donation, and we are trying to break the $1,000 mark this year ! As always, we are looking for volunteers, as well as donations of “treats” to hand out to the kiddos. (candy is ok, but we’d like to see trinkets, like helium balloons or small party favors as well.)

If you cannot attend the fun and merriment yourself (I have it on good authority that Capt’n Jack Sparrow’s second cousin (twice removed) (but much more better looking) Tom Sparrow will be there posing for photos and chasing the lasses about.

ALSO; the following weekend, being as it is the first full weekend in November, we will have close to a thousand Christmas lights on the horses and the carriages, as well as 12 volt ELECTRIC BLANKETS for our guests to snuggle under ! Our Christmas light tours/rides will run through New Years, which happens to be ON A SATURDAY !!! (and all the business owners rejoiced) Looking forward to a wonderful and profitable weekend for that for one and all ! (Pray for decent weather)

My new years resolution this year is to keep up with my weekly BLOG in a more timely fashion.

It’s difficult when it’s busy, but I have found a new way to do it from my smart phone, so we will see how it goes.

I am also trying out the TWEETY thing, so anyone who also tweets and twitters, look us up under “eurekacarriage”… you never know WHAT will pop up on there… trust me, just ask my wife. LOL

Our new dispatcher is working out quite nicely !

He is learning the ropes quickly (trying as best he can to understand my condensed version of everything I have learned over the last 11 years) and he is getting better acquainted with each of you every time he gets to chat with you. He is a life-long, 5th generation native, Passion Play veteran, and all around decent guy. I honestly dont know how I have survived the last 11 years without him.

He usually takes over the phones for me around 4pm on busy days, so if anyone needs to talk directly to me, please either call me between 10am and 2pm, or you can text me anytime on the main line 981-1737, or you can email me direct to my phone at

If you cant get in touch with me, it’s probably Tuesday. LOL

My dispatcher usually only keeps a copy of the carriage reservations for the weekend we are working, so if you need to book something more than 48 hours in advance, it is best to email me your requests.

I usually check and reply to emails each evening, with the only exceptions being Saturday evenings.

I am beat when I finally get home, and you may not get a reply till Sunday afternoon.

Thank you all again for keeping things together in 2011, and I wish us all a better 2012 !!!

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When I bought this carriage business just over ten years ago, my family thought I was nuts! Now they know for sure!
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