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Its that time again, time to evaluate the current state of the economy, both locally and nationally, and in so doing, we have seen locally a slightly marginal increase (dare I say it) overall for the year. Its not much, in fact barely negligible, but enough to give us a small glimmer of hope !

Our hope is that if we keep giving our guests (all of them, even the ones we may not enjoy as much as the others) something they will enjoy, whether that be the comfort of something they “always” do or the enticement of trying something “new”, they will go home happy, and tell ten of their friends, and just maybe, five of those friends will become new guests of ours.

Starting immediately, we are introducing something new, more of a throwback of sorts; we are now offering something of a “teaser” for the crowd that cant afford a $40 carriage tour, or may have children who cant sit still for 45 minutes. (those of you with children are nodding right now I am sure)

Brand New 15 minute “RIDES” are now available from any of our locations, based on availability.

The cost is $20 per couple (kids ride free as always, unless they are old enough to make their own income, then they pay like everyone else) and the “RIDE” lasts about 15 minutes. We call it a “RIDE” because guests simply will not be able to see or hear much history in just 15 minutes. We will give them what we can of course, but the premise here is to introduce a whole new market segment to what it is we do. We are NOT creating or offering a taxi service, just a “teaser” ride from point A back to point A. These “rides” will only be offered on a walk-up basis, no one will be allowed to reserve a specific time for a 15 minute ride. If they require a specific reserved time, it’s $40. If we have a carriage that has nothing to do, and someone wants just the simple $20/15 minute “RIDE”, we will gladly take them “around the block” as it were.

We FINALLY have a brand new horse to replace Goose, his name is Blondie, and he is our first Belgian Draft Horse in about a decade. He is about 10 years old and seems to have great people skills.

We hope to have him on the road and up on the historic loop by the first of November!

I want to thank you all again for all your support through this difficult year. Between the rainy days and the sweltering heat, we weren’t able to operate as many days as we would’ve liked to, but the safety and well being of our horses is our first priority.

We will be having our FIFTH ANNUAL Children’s Charity Carriage rides this year, on October the 29th (the Saturday of Halloween) from 5pm till 10 pm !   http://eurekacarriage.com/children

We will be giving free short rides from the loading zone in front of Judge Roy Beans to DeVitos and back. Representatives from the Arkansas Childrens Hospital will be on hand to accept donations. We recommend a minimum $20 donation, and we are trying to break the $1,000 mark this year ! As always, we are looking for volunteers, as well as donations of “treats” to hand out to the kiddos. (candy is ok, but we’d like to see trinkets, like helium balloons or small party favors as well.)

If you cannot attend the fun and merriment yourself (I have it on good authority that Capt’n Jack Sparrow’s second cousin (twice removed) (but much more better looking) Tom Sparrow will be there posing for photos and chasing the lasses about.

ALSO; the following weekend, being as it is the first full weekend in November, we will have close to a thousand Christmas lights on the horses and the carriages, as well as 12 volt ELECTRIC BLANKETS for our guests to snuggle under ! Our Christmas light tours/rides will run through New Years, which happens to be ON A SATURDAY !!! (and all the business owners rejoiced) Looking forward to a wonderful and profitable weekend for that for one and all ! (Pray for decent weather)

My new years resolution this year is to keep up with my weekly BLOG in a more timely fashion.

It’s difficult when it’s busy, but I have found a new way to do it from my smart phone, so we will see how it goes.

I am also trying out the TWEETY thing, so anyone who also tweets and twitters, look us up under “eurekacarriage”… you never know WHAT will pop up on there… trust me, just ask my wife. LOL

Our new dispatcher is working out quite nicely !

He is learning the ropes quickly (trying as best he can to understand my condensed version of everything I have learned over the last 11 years) and he is getting better acquainted with each of you every time he gets to chat with you. He is a life-long, 5th generation native, Passion Play veteran, and all around decent guy. I honestly dont know how I have survived the last 11 years without him.

He usually takes over the phones for me around 4pm on busy days, so if anyone needs to talk directly to me, please either call me between 10am and 2pm, or you can text me anytime on the main line 981-1737, or you can email me direct to my phone at eurekacarriage@yahoo.com

If you cant get in touch with me, it’s probably Tuesday. LOL

My dispatcher usually only keeps a copy of the carriage reservations for the weekend we are working, so if you need to book something more than 48 hours in advance, it is best to email me your requests.

I usually check and reply to emails each evening, with the only exceptions being Saturday evenings.

I am beat when I finally get home, and you may not get a reply till Sunday afternoon.

Thank you all again for keeping things together in 2011, and I wish us all a better 2012 !!!

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Remember those families in Joplin , Mo. http://oldendayscarriageservices.com/blog/2011/05/23/remember-those-families-in-joplin-mo/ http://oldendayscarriageservices.com/blog/2011/05/23/remember-those-families-in-joplin-mo/#comments Mon, 23 May 2011 18:16:43 +0000 Head Pooper-Scooper http://oldendayscarriageservices.com/blog/?p=66 Continue reading ]]> As we each go about our daily grind, please remember those families who lost loved ones in the tornado outbreak yesterday in Joplin Missouri.

So far, 89 folks have lost their lives when an F-4 seemingly dropped from the sky with little to no warning, devastating a major part of the town, including one of the three hospitals, the high school, a fire department, walmart and a home depot just to name a few.

My nephew and his wife and kids barely escaped with their house intact, they were a few streets away from the destruction and I am sure will have a story to tell when they come back to Arkansas.

My sister-in-law works for one of the sister hospitals here in Carroll County that is owned by the chain that owns the one in Joplin that was destroyed. She is there now on the ground volunteering her nursing skills.

Many of these people lost EVERYTHING they had, if not their very lives. Many are still MISSING.

Some lost their vehicles, some lost their workplace, but many cannot find anything but splintered remains of their homes, strewn threw miles of debris.

Keep them in your thoughts and prayers, donate to the RED CROSS, if you have time, contact the emergency services up there and offer help where it’s needed, but for the sake of those trying to recover, PLEASE dont drive up there to take pictures and gawk at those who have lost everything. Dont be under foot for those trying to do rescue work.



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Carroll Electric is NOT a “cooperative” http://oldendayscarriageservices.com/blog/2011/05/03/carroll-electric-is-not-a-%e2%80%9ccooperative%e2%80%9d/ http://oldendayscarriageservices.com/blog/2011/05/03/carroll-electric-is-not-a-%e2%80%9ccooperative%e2%80%9d/#comments Wed, 04 May 2011 00:01:26 +0000 Head Pooper-Scooper http://oldendayscarriageservices.com/blog/?p=59 Continue reading ]]>  

Carroll Electric is NOT a “cooperative”, but rather does not want your opinion and would prefer you just pay your bill and shut up.

Take a good look at the letter Rob Boaz sent out to the “members” on April 27th, 2011.

He says he wants your feedback, but doesn’t include a mailing address anywhere on the letter for your response to be sent to. Instead, he prefers that you leave your short comment on the back of the YEARLY meeting packet survey, where it is sure to be filed in a round receptacle. Don’t bother calling him, or trying to meet with him in his office, or for that matter, trying to speak at the once-a-year “public” meeting, which of late has been closed to the public. I know *I* have other ways to waste precious time and oxygen.

 If that’s not enough, there is the following quote by Mr. Boaz; “I suspect most members reading this are simply happy the light switch works”… In other words, just be happy you HAVE electricity, sit down and shut up. To quote an old grade school nemesis, if he wants your opinion, he’ll beat it out of you.

He, and his board of directors, apparently think so little of us “members” that they think we are too uneducated or stupid to care, much less DARE to ask what happens to our money when we pay our bill every month. You don’t NEED to know, and we obviously aren’t going to get any say so. They also believe that there are only about two dozen trouble makers who don’t like the way he runs things, those who dare voice their concerns. Well add one more.

 The very next day, I received that sorry excuse for an “Official Ballot” in the mail.

What a joke.

“Ballot”, according to the Wold English Dictionary is “the democratic practice of selecting a representative, a course of action, or deciding some other choice by submitting the options to a vote of all qualified persons “…

There is no “selection” or “course of action”, There is no “choice”, There is no “option to vote” nor are “all qualified persons” allowed to be offered the option of being on the ballot.

I have seen third world countries have “elections” less rigged than this.

You either “vote” for the two people nominated by the nominating committee (see Rob Boaz) or you don’t vote at all. Either way, those two get “elected”. I just love this line; “The election results will be certified by an election committee” (see the nominating committee, see Rob Boaz)   So they are going to “certify” that it doesn’t matter whether or not anyone bothered to check the box next to the only two nominees, because they ran unopposed, just like they do every year. What election? And then they have the nerve to put in bold print; “to be counted in the election, your ballot must reach the C.E. Headquarters in Berryville, by U.S. Mail (don’t bother stopping by, we don’t want to talk to you peons) no later than …”  blah blah blah…

To be counted??? WHY? We don’t have any real choice now do we? If not one single member returned their “ballot” (a horrendous waste of natural resources I might add) the two chosen ones would still get their seats on the board, so whats the point?

 This is not a BALLOT or an ELECTION, it’s a list of demands, and we are not “members”, but hostages, held captive by the current dictatorial regime that currently presides over the Carroll Electric Cooperative.

If Mr. Boaz wanted to make this a real “ballot/election” (lets forget what may or may not be “legal” and lets just for a minute assume what’s RIGHT, shall we?) he and the board would allow for a write-in candidate on that “ballot”, thus giving the people some semblance of an actual CHOICE.

Websters says that a “Cooperative” is a “jointly owned enterprise engaging in the production or distribution of goods or the supplying of services, operated by its members for their mutual benefit, typically organized by consumers or farmers.”

C.E.C.C. is NOT operated by it’s members, period.

Stop calling it a “Co-Op”, it simply is NOT any different than Exxon, Shell, BP, or Conoco-Phillips.  Big Oil, Big Electric, same thing.

Each one dictates to us what their policies, board members, and prices will be. You’d have better luck getting elected to the board of one of the four big oil companies than the board of C.E.C.C.

I’ll close with a question; What are you afraid of Mr. Boaz? Losing your incredibly fat paycheck or losing control of your regime ?

(click on the photo below to see the full sized version.)

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CLEAN Water For Sale… http://oldendayscarriageservices.com/blog/2011/04/14/clean-water-for-sale/ http://oldendayscarriageservices.com/blog/2011/04/14/clean-water-for-sale/#comments Fri, 15 Apr 2011 04:20:30 +0000 Head Pooper-Scooper http://oldendayscarriageservices.com/blog/?p=44 Continue reading ]]> Our state legislature recently snuck through a last minute fluoridation act; http://www.lovelycitizen.com/story/1718438.html
This effectively forces those in the water district to consume Fluoride if they make the mistake of drinking or cooking with the tap water. (it’s a heavy metal, it never leaves your system)

If you have the time, and the stomach, go and google fluoridic acid, fluoride, etc…. it’s an industrial waste by-product and has to be handled in about the same manor as nuclear waste.
I have heard that the way you die from exposure is actually worse… but here, have some toothpaste. (read the warning label on your toothpaste lately?)

At any rate, the following is my letter to the editor, and I hope that everyone voices their dissatisfaction with this bill (see article above) with their congressmen and senators, etc.


I have a new slogan for the chamber ; Come To Eureka, just don’t drink the water!

Every week I pick up the paper, I am relieved I live outside the city limits. Not only can I not be forced to run for mayor, but my family cannot be forced to consume China’s industrial waste from my tap water.

I foresee the next hot item at local farmers market being bottled water. Fresh, clean, chemical free *WATER* !
I simply cannot believe that the sheeple have allowed this to happen.

I will be scouring the internet for bulk 5 gallon water jugs, for re-sale to the populous who prefer to NOT ingest industrial waste. I would also suggest that all area eateries CLEARLY POST if their table water/cooking water contains such chemical waste, and offer a certified chemical-free alternative.

I strongly suggest that those who actually want this deadly crap in their bodies, go have a chat with any of the employees or management of the local Carroll Boone Water district facility, and ask them why they refuse to handle that stuff… trust me, Google it, its scary stuff folks. Your pitcher filter will NOT remove this heavy metal from your tap water. You need a very special/expensive filter known as a bone filter, it takes crushed *bone* to filter it out. Think about that.

Water. Coming soon to a farmers market near you.

Tom Tharp
Olden Days Bottled Water Services.
Water, The Way It USED To Be !
Bottled OUTSIDE Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

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Sunday April 3rd Schedule http://oldendayscarriageservices.com/blog/2011/04/02/sunday-april-3rd-schedule/ http://oldendayscarriageservices.com/blog/2011/04/02/sunday-april-3rd-schedule/#comments Sun, 03 Apr 2011 05:25:56 +0000 Head Pooper-Scooper http://oldendayscarriageservices.com/blog/?p=48 We will only be operating one carriage Sunday the 3rd, down at our Main Street location.  Thanks for a great Friday and Saturday folks !

Hope to see you all again !


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April is Here! http://oldendayscarriageservices.com/blog/2011/04/02/april/ http://oldendayscarriageservices.com/blog/2011/04/02/april/#comments Sat, 02 Apr 2011 16:39:59 +0000 Head Pooper-Scooper http://oldendayscarriageservices.com/blog/?p=36 Continue reading ]]> Spring is here finally !
We are booked solid for reservations this Saturday folks, but we have plenty of openings for Sunday the 3rd.

We are also breaking in our new dispatcher, David, who will be trying to make my life easier by taking reservations and answering questions over the phone so I can dedicate more time to our customers on the carriage.
Have a great weekend, and enjoy the weather folks !

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Weather Alert…. http://oldendayscarriageservices.com/blog/2011/03/26/weather-alert/ http://oldendayscarriageservices.com/blog/2011/03/26/weather-alert/#comments Sat, 26 Mar 2011 15:30:39 +0000 Head Pooper-Scooper http://oldendayscarriageservices.com/blog/?p=33 Continue reading ]]> UPDATE…. we are closed for this evening.

We will reopen sunday afternoon !


The last two weeks have been wonderful for weather conditions, too good in fact.

I keep telling everyone; “IT *IS* MARCH people, this wont last”… and here it is, the REAL March weather. Today (Saturday the 26th) we are on a rain delay at this hour.

I am keeping an eye on the weather hour by hour, and if it shows signs of clearing, then we will be running tonight. I wont put my horses in danger or risk the health of my drivers however, so if it looks like it’s going to be inclimate all night, we are staying home. Stay tuned to this blog and I will update around 1:00 pm today !

We are under a freeze watch thru sunday morning, cover your plants and such.

We will have the blankets out on the carriages ! (if we run)





We will be running tonight, perhaps against my better judgement (those of you reading this, feel free to bring a small cup of hot coffee for the cold carriage driver) but we will be running !


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Congratulations ! http://oldendayscarriageservices.com/blog/2011/03/07/congratulations/ http://oldendayscarriageservices.com/blog/2011/03/07/congratulations/#comments Mon, 07 Mar 2011 07:52:04 +0000 Head Pooper-Scooper http://oldendayscarriageservices.com/blog/?p=25 Continue reading ]]> Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Baughman !

Our First “Marriage ON The Carriage” couple for the month of March !

They were married by “the Good Reverand” Tom on Saturday March 5th at Little Lake Eureka !

It really is a beautiful and serene place to have a wedding .

If you would like to book a “Marriage ON The Carriage”, simply go to our web site: www.oldendayscarriage.com and click on the weddings tab.

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New, Website, Carriage, Brochures, Route… http://oldendayscarriageservices.com/blog/2011/03/04/new-website-carriage-brochures-route/ http://oldendayscarriageservices.com/blog/2011/03/04/new-website-carriage-brochures-route/#comments Fri, 04 Mar 2011 08:34:44 +0000 Head Pooper-Scooper http://oldendayscarriageservices.com/blog/?p=18 Continue reading ]]> We plan to start off this new year with a bang!

We just had our first Chamber Sponsored (whatever that means) Business After Hours/Open House event at our sister company’s shop; Judge Roy Bean’s Old Time Photo’s & Weddings.

It was kinda like herding cats, but I think we got out a lot of new information to the area lodging businesses that we needed to get out.

We should see an article int he local paper in the next issue, I will try to post either a copy of it or a link to it here.

We expanded this year to include the former Southern Pride carriage routes, so now we are *THE* premiere carriage company in Eureka Springs ! We are excited to be servicing the upper historic loop for the first time, and so far it has gone well.

We debuted our brand new shiny redesigned website (THANKS CHRIS !) which took a lot of late nights and arguing, but it’s finally done (for the most part..lol.. I keep futzing with it.. SORRY CHRIS)

We have nifty little full color “table-tents” that I designed on Vista Print for the B&B’s to leave in the rooms. They are awesome ! If you havent tried Vista Print yet, please do !


The new Carriage !

New Carriage

It’s a “Roberts” Victoria wedding carriage with a little shelf for champagne and such. (If I can just keep people from putting their feet on it ! LOL)

That’s Missy, one of our great drivers up on the seat!

We will have “Big Tom” re-joining us again this year, back fully recovered from his injuries, and also joining us this year will be an old friend of mine,  Char, who is also our staff photographer for our “marriage on the carriage” ceremonies.

I finally talked her into learning to drive the carriages… so if you see TWO people up on the drivers seat of a carriage, steer clear! Student driver on board !

It looks to be a VERY BUSY season, I just hope lots of friendly tourists make it even busier !

Back to the stable…

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Spring Break 2011 !!! http://oldendayscarriageservices.com/blog/2011/03/03/spring-break-2011/ http://oldendayscarriageservices.com/blog/2011/03/03/spring-break-2011/#comments Thu, 03 Mar 2011 23:28:36 +0000 Head Pooper-Scooper http://vikrant-testing-site2.info/wp304/?p=5 Continue reading ]]> Temps are supposed to hit 80 (!!!) today and its still MARCH people !

AWESOME turnout in town all this week, and the next two days should be even busier !
Who needs Obama, we have great folks from TEXAS and Oklahoma this week ! Yeah !

Also saw the first little brown cave bats flying around downtown, that’s a sure sign spring is here. Love them bats.

You all have a wonderful spring break !

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