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Make a Memory That Will Last a Lifetime...

Our NEW Wedding Carriage for 2011 !

Yes, it's really that big !

O.D.C. is now offering the services of our wedding carriage just about anywhere within the Northwest Corridor!
From Rogers to Fayetteville and all points between!
If you live in Oklahoma or Missouri, call us for more details.
Some areas with steep terrain may be an issue, but a simple pre-event site survey will determine feasibility.

What you get:
You will have the use of our carriage and horse with driver for one hour on your site.
This does not include set-up and break-down time.
ONE hour is typically more than enough time to have the bride pose for photos prior to the wedding, have her brought up to the chapel, and then take her and the groom away from the chapel after an average length ceremony.
Your driver can be dressed in attire that is suitable for your particular event; Black tux and tie, with or without matching cowboy hat, full western cowboy attire, man-in-black-cowboy-preacher attire, or other specific arrangements can also be made with enough advanced notice.

Due to the size of our truck and trailer, a safe on-site location is needed of adequate space to park/turn around and exit the property with a dually pick-up and a 40 foot trailer. (Basically I need enough room for a "semi-tractor-trailer")
This location needs to be as level as possible, and mud-free.

If the event involves traversing primary city streets or state highways, the client will be responsible for providing full traffic escort services (police or other law enforcement with warning lights) where needed, to prevent any accidents with our horses or clients, as well as any and all necessary permission and or permits needed from the local municipality.
Most churches are on side-streets and this should not be a problem for short distance travel of one city block or less, but all the same, local municipalities need to be notified just in case.

Adverse weather conditions may require that O.D.C. delay or cancel services prior to the event in order to prevent any accidents with our horses.
This includes but is not limited to; extreme heat, cold, or wind, and any precipitation.
Any of these conditions compromise the safety of everyone involved, and we just wont do that for any amount of money.

We ALWAYS check the weather before we leave the farm.
We check the weather radar even while in transit to the location.
Trust me, we will know what the weather is going to do even before you do.
However, there are times that weather events happen with no warning at all.
If the weather looks bad for the date in question, we wont leave our farm.
Refunds will be paid in full if weather conditions prior to our arrival prohibit O.D.C. from operating, or if you call and cancel at least 72 hours in advance.
No refunds will be made if adverse weather conditions occur after the truck/trailer/carriage is set up on your location.


Pricing is as follows once the site is approved:

Sunday thru Thursday; the minimum charge for a location within Carroll County Arkansas is $350

Outside of Carroll County, (just about anywhere in the midwest) the minimum charge is $350 plus a fuel charge*

On Friday or Saturday the minimum charge is $500, no matter what the destination.

* With fuel prices what they are, a mileage fee is added on that will reflect the
current price of Diesel on the date reserved (or as close as we can estimate in advance)
I will estimate the round trip mileage, at 10 miles to the gallon.
So if diesel costs $4.50 a gallon at the time, and it is 100 miles round trip,
you are looking at a $45.00 fuel charge.
If for any reasons the services required exceed the agreed upon hour, then the client agrees to pay for another full hour and for subsequent hours as they occur at a price of $100 per.

Click here for a printable contract for services.

If you have any other questions or you need to make a reservation, feel free to call me anytime or email me if you prefer.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to doing business with you in the near future!

Tom Tharp
Olden Days Carriage
1175 Hwy 187 North
Eureka Springs, Arkansas, 72631