Tuesdays Policy!


If you feel you absolutely MUST reserve a carriage on a Tuesday, there will be an EXTRA $200 fee added to any regular fees for that reservation.

Here's the deal; My wife and I only get ONE day off *together*,
we only have one child, our son Troy ...

This means that between each of us running individual businesses, we place a high value on ANY personal time we get to spend as a family with our only child.

It often takes weeks of planning to schedule ONE DAY to get away and take our son someplace special, or the occasional private night out for (gasp) the two of us as husband and wife.

If you have a family, I am sure you understand.. if you dont, and you have a nice fluffy nine-to-five "job", I apologize that we have put a cramp in your git-along, but once you have a family, (or run your own business) you will soon understand all too well why we place such a high value on our day off.
(I said we should charge more, the wife says stop at $200, so thank the wife when you see her.) You all have a great day... and call your momma, tell her you miss her.


Allowed On Our Carriages