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*** We do not service the area of Thorncrown chapel ! ***

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Tom "WEST" is a licensed minister with the city of Eureka Springs and the State of Arkansas,
and can perform a simple, legal, "Marriage On The Carriage" downtown at the secluded
"Little Lake Eureka" for just $100 ...
or come to your location within reasonable driving distance of Eureka Springs. (email us for a quote)

*** We do not service the area of Thorncrown chapel ! ***

For a Marriage On The Carriage in the area of the Crescent Hotel,
please contact the Crescent Hotel directly.

Our NEW Wedding Carriage for 2011 !

A marriage on the carriage costs $100
This includes a guided carriage tour of historical downtown Eureka Springs.
The ceremony takes about five minutes, the total tour time takes about an hour.

We HIGHLY recommend scheduling your "Marriage On The Carriage"
at our first available time for the day during the cool season.
(usually around 4:00 or 5:00 pm)
This is mainly due to lighting issues for photography, but also due to safety issues for the horse.
DURING THE HOT SEASON (if you dont know ASK) we will not schedule a Marriage On The Carriage before 7:00 pm !!!
This is due to safety issues for the horse!
We recommend beginning the tour/wedding around 7:30 or 8:00 depending on whether or not you will have a photographer there to take photos.


Cancellations must be made seven days or more prior to the reserved date, this *will* get a full refund;
Cancellations due to weather or other circumstances that causes *us* to cancel the ride
will also receive a full refund.

Deposits or payments are NOT refundable if *you* make a cancellation
within seven days of the date reserved.

*** We do not service the area of Thorncrown chapel ! ***

We also have a professional photographer available for an extra charge of $80 who will
come downtown and shoot photos of the happy couple en-route as well as during the ceremony.
Following the ceremony/ride the photographer will burn a CD for you to keep with all of your photos on it.
You can then take your CD to your photo developer of choice,
to have as many prints in as many sizes as you like.
This is an inexpensive alternative for those on a small budget who want professional photos
rather than what their family might take.

If Tom comes to your preferred site to do a simple wedding ceremony, the cost is $60,
but without the carriage.

We CAN bring the horse and carriage to your location (city nearby),
depending on the travel time involved.
For a printable on-site contract,


Pricing is as follows once the site is approved:

Friday & Saturday; the charge for most locations within
Carroll County Arkansas is $400
$250 any other day of the week.

Outside of Carroll County, (just about anywhere in the Midwest) the minimum charge is $400 plus a fuel charge*

CRESCENT HOTEL/St. Elizabeth's/ Gavioli Chapel AREA:
(PLEASE NOTE) This ride is for TWO adults and up to 2 small children ONLY
$280 for any rides that can be approved before or after regular business hours
We normally start at 5pm (depending on the weather)
and close promptly at 10pm.
If your wedding reception ENDS at 10:00pm, we will allow a FIVE MINUTE grace period for you to be ON THE CARRIAGE
At 10:06 you will be charged the After Hours Rate of $280

AFTER 10:15 pm

Prices are as follows: $300 for us to bring a carriage to your wedding on any Friday or Saturday.
Any other day of the week, the fee is $200
You have our services for ONE HOUR once we are set up and ready to roll.
If you want us to pick you up at 4:45 for your ceremony that begins at 5pm,
you have our services until 5:45, after that initial hour, we charge an hourly rate of $80 .

* If your venue is outside the Eureka Springs area;
With fuel prices what they are, a mileage fee is added on that will reflect the
current price of Diesel on the date reserved
(or as close as we can estimate in advance)
I will estimate the round trip mileage, at 10 miles to the gallon.
So if diesel costs $4.50 a gallon at the time, and it is 100 miles round trip,
you are looking at a $45.00 fuel charge.

We are going to try to limit our service area to the 4-state area this year but
basically, if you have the money, honey, we got the time!

We can travel anywhere in the mid-west (within reason)
with the horse and carriage,
however Tom is only licensed to do wedding ceremonies in Arkansas.
Out of state weddings will require a local minister of that state to make the ceremony legal.

The earlier in the day your wedding is, the better, for all off-site weddings
{ weddings NOT originating from our downtown depot }.

No off-site weddings will be done WITH the horse and carriage
within one hour of dusk without extra special safety arrangements.

As always, reservations are REQUIRED.

For more information and a printable on-site contract,


Now ?

This is a simple little ceremony we had out at the beautiful
Blue Springs Heritage Gardens.